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 United Kingdom


  • A Registry Study to Characterise Genetic and Pathway Biomarkers in Noonan Syndrome and Other RASopathy Patients – for more information click here.

Dr. Bronwyn Kerr
Genetic Medicine, St Mary’s Hospital
Oxford Road
Manchester M13 9WL
(0161) 276 3742


If you would like to speak to the team at the University of Manchester for more information about the research, please contact:

Amy Burns
tel: 07919 528164

Ami Brooks
tel: +44(0)161 306 7953

If you would like to speak to the team at the Manchester Centre for Genomic Medicine, please contact;

Bronwyn Kerr

Emma Burkitt-Wright
tel: +44(0)161 701 5105

United States


Palo Alto University

Participate in one of the first studies looking at the relationship between quality of life, behavior, and social cognition in RASopathy syndromes – for Noonan syndrome, and now open to any RASopathy.

Study Includes:
• Parent online survey (~1hr)
• Child online survey & assessment (~1 hr)
• Parent phone survey (~30 minutes)

Who can participate?
• Any child with a RASopathy diagnosis and their family
• Ages 8-18
• English-speaking

Additional Information
• Families from outside the US are welcome to participate!
• For children with limited reading levels, families may choose for only parents to participate.
• For families with limited internet access, we are happy to mail paper surveys.

Click here for flyer.

Paige Naylor, Doctoral Candidate
1 (504) 881-3925

This study is sponsored and monitored by the Palo Alto University IRB. The research team includes Wendy Packman, PhD, JD and Paige Naylor.


University of California, San Francisco

The RasCal Study – RASopathy Associated Traits – for a description click here and scroll to the last page, or here to go to the UCSF page with detailed information.

Lauren Weiss, PhD
University of California, San Francisco
(415) 476-6988


Noonan syndrome

Stanford University

Seeking participants
Study of brain and cognitive development in boys and girls with Noonan syndrome

The project is a pilot study looking at Noonan Syndrome in children (ages 4-11). We are hoping to recruit ten families of children with a confirmed PTPN11 mutation to participate in a two-day visit to Stanford University, which will include neuropsychological testing and an MRI. Families who choose to participate will have travel arrangements covered by the study, and will receive a summary of the testing results for participating and a small monetary honorarium for participating.

Click HERE for the flyer for families interested in participating.

Alexandra Ishak
(650) 440-1902



Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy Study for Individuals with Noonan Syndrome with Multiple Lentigines / LEOPARD syndrome – for more information, click here.

Jane Messere, RN, Research Nurse
Children’s Hospital, Boston
(857) 218-3628


Social-Emotional Development in Children with Noonan Syndrome 

Parents of children and adolescents with Noonan syndrome between the ages of 8 and 16 are invited to participate in a new research study!

The purpose of the study is to characterize social development in individuals with Noonan syndrome and related disorders, and to understand how emotional and behavioral development can impact interpersonal relationships. Children with Noonan syndrome and their unaffected siblings are eligible to participate.

Study participants will be asked to complete a set of questionnaires that inquire about their family background, their child’s social development, and their child’s emotions and behavior. Forms will be completed by both parents and children. Families will also be asked to sign a release of information form so that the researchers can request records to confirm the child’s diagnosis of Noonan syndrome as well as genetic testing related to that diagnosis.

Completing the study questionnaires and forms will take approximately one hour of your time.

Please contact us for more information! The study is being conducted by Dr. Rene Pierpont, Dr. Rebekah Hudock, Dr. Peg Semrud-Clikeman and Dr. Christopher Moertel at the University of Minnesota.

For a flyer, click here.

Dr. Rene Pierpont
University of Minnesota Medical Center
Phone: 612-624-8422


St. Louis – Washington University

The Neurofibromatosis Type 1 Patient Registry (NPR1) is currently recruiting both adults and children with NF1 for a childhood brain tumor study.  The goal of this study is to identify differences in medical, social, demographic, and birth characteristics of children who develop childhood brain tumors compared to those who do not develop these tumors.  We are looking for individuals with NF1 who either (1) HAVE previously been diagnosed with a brain tumor younger than age 18 years or (2) HAVE NEVER had a brain tumor.  For more information click here:

Completing the online questionnaire/registration will take approximately 30 minutes of your time.

The Neurofibromatosis Type 1 Patient Registry
Phone: (314) 935-3888

New York

A Registry Study to Characterize Genetic and Pathway Biomarkers in Noonan Syndrome and Other RASopathy patients – for more information, click here.

Meghan Mac Neal, MS, CGC, MPH
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai



Children’s Hospital, Philadelphia (CHOP)

A sleep research study to help develop a new pediatric sleep health survey to better understand how sleep health relates to RASopathies.

For parents of individuals with a RASopathy to complete a 10-15 minute online survey.  Affected children between the ages of 8 and 17 may be able to participate in the study by answering the survey, as well. Anyone who understands English is eligible to participate (it is not limited to the United States).

Link to the consent and survey:

Anna de la Motte, Study Coordinator
(215) 590-3196



Clinical trials pertaining to any of the RASopathies will be drawn from external sites and – stay tuned!



If you are a researcher who is conducting a clinical trial, please contact us.